About Us

Meet Sarah Ann Haugen.

Sarah has spent 25 years as a private chef for celebrities and CEOs in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Los Angeles as well as launching and promoting lifestyle brands, structuring offices, and working as the Wellness Director at two major tech-based venture and accounting firms. High profile individuals have relied on Sarah’s expertise to maintain healthy weekly habits and goals, manage weight while filming on set, and keep their energy and positive mindset in tandem with their fast-paced lifestyles.

Vitalist in its earliest form was known as Wellness Avatar, soft-launching a 15 product superfood line in 2012, before officially becoming Vitalist Food LLC in 2017. The evolution of Vitalist has seen phases as a test kitchen that market tested and refined recipes to generate revenue, as a gym café/commercial kitchen that served pre-made drinks and snacks, as a private client consultant that offered weekly subscription boxes and custom cleansing programs, and various phases in between.

Sarah is a survivor.

Vitalist has been built to reflect her resilience and devotion to healing through food.

Though operating on a lower volume leading into the 2020s, Vitalist began to introduce macro and micro kiosks for serving clients, offering more shelf-stable products, and experimenting with ways of producing and packaging higher quantities of goods while still maintaining quality and freshness. Sarah developed over a hundred standardized recipes while also designing a line of CBD and CPG products and earning Vitalist an organic certification. In 2020, Vitalist High Frequency Food was launched on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, offering fresh meals, drinks and snacks direct to consumers. Due to COVID-19, Vitalist’s California location closed down in late 2021 and now Vitalist has taken up residence in the Twin Cities area with a fresh new plan.

We're here for you.

Vitalist in its most current form operates out of our Kitchen in Minneapolis, placing drinks for purchase on the shelves at Four Seasons Hotel and People’s Organic as well as providing unparalleled client consultations, catering services, and private events and dinner parties. Equipped with Sarah’s infinite knowledge of superfoods and a portfolio of tried and true recipes, Vitalist is moving toward a fast casual concept—a luxury pick-your-own-adventure take on the salad bar that also offers upscale grab-and-go options, all with our signature emphasis on organic superfood ingredients.

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