Victory Cleanse

Designed for the seasoned cleanser that wants to take it a little further. This pack has supplements, a liver cleanse protocol option, and herbs in addition to the liquid food.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Spinach Basil soup, Curry Mineral soup, Sunchoke Leek soup, Tomato Herb soup, Superfood soup, Blackberry Vanilla Chia porridge, Chocolate Nibble Chia Porridge, 2 x Electrolyte Lemonade, 2 x Aloe Detox, 2 x Green Jazz, 2 x Jewel’s Hot Blood, 2 x Spinach Cucumber Cooler, 2 x Superfood Blend, 3x Shizzle, 2 x Vanilla Bean Chia Protein Nut milk, Raw Cacao Chia Protein milk, Matcha Green Chia Protein nut milk, Ginger Maca Chia Protein nut milk, 3 x Chia Flax chip, Paleo Pizza cracker

Supplements: Oxygen magnesium, digestive herbs, vitamin mineral pack, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, citrus, castor pack (oil and flannel)


Coming soon.

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