Cleansing and revitalizing the mind, body and spirit, while allowing for organ detoxification and cell rejuvenation is an essential component of health in this age, and we are here to support and guide you on your personal journey.

Cleansing has become a buzz word, and there is a lot of misinformation circulating, which can make things very confusing. Cleansing is different than fasting and fasting isn’t necessarily cleansing. Fasting can simply be taking a rest from a certain type of food or skipping a meal. Cleansing has a specific purpose to eliminate and safely remove toxins from the body and blood. As with any program please consult your primary care professionals before starting or incorporating any supplements or herbs.

Design your perfect cleanse today. Get in touch with us to create a personalized cleanse for you, based on your needs and specifications.

+ Lifefood Daily Intermittent Fasting

+ Cell Rejuvenation, nutritional cleansing, and liver detoxification designed by Dr. Jubb and with nutraceutical support

+ Elimination diet, food combining and health plan

+ Liquid food – drink your meals and rest your digestion

+ Candida Cleanse with no sugars or starches, herbal support, and protocol on a specific diet

+ Heavy Metal Detox with herbal support and specific food protocols

+ Parasite Cleansing supported with herbs and diet

+ Plant Based Food Program loose plan for success on unprocessed fresh food

+ Gut Cleanse herbs, supplements, and foods to regenerate gut health

+ Protozoa Protocol elimination of nightshades, and use of vibropathics

+ Colon cleanse herbs, supplements, and suggestions

+ Personalized wellness programs and herbal protocols for specific needs, wants and conditions based on health assessment or desire to transform your life—this encompasses looking deeper into underlying causes and supporting the multi-layer work one might need to do to clear away what is no longer working to serve the higher self. This particular work often requires seeking out and working with other specialists. We will help you find support and get you on a path to optimal mind, body and spirit transformation.

+ Pre-chemo, during chemo and post-chemotherapy nutritional support and service

+ Kidney support kit and tips for rebuilding chi

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